2021 Club Schedule: 
  • 5/1 - Pueblo Reservoir, CO
  • 5/15 - Horsetooth Reservoir, CO
  • 6/12-6/13 - Red Willow Lake, NE
  • 8/22 - Pueblo Reservoir, CO (Night)
  • 9/11 - Pueblo Reservoir, CO
  • 9/25-9/26 - Lake McConaughy NE
  • 10/16-10-17 Megabucks - Wilson Lake, KS
Optional Friday Pre fish is approved for all two day travel tourneys. Pending Permits.

2021 Open Schedule:
  • 4/10 Pueblo Reservoir, CO
  • 11/6 Pueblo Reservoir, CO

Special COVID-19 rules in effect.

Open Tournament Information:
Open tournaments allow DBM members and non members to fish with a friend or a family member in a non competitive, fun, learning environment.. Fish as a team or a single. All the same tournament rules apply (see rules below). Winners are determined by live weigh in at the end of the day, live well required. Total weight of your 5 heaviest keeper fish determine placing. Payouts are based on participation. All participants must be current B.A.S.S. members and present proof at registration. There are no AOY points.

Club Tournament Information:
Tournaments are a draw format. The draw will occur at the club meeting prior to the event. Each boater's and non-boater's name is put in separate hats and drawn as "partners". If a boater or non-boater is drawn out for a tournament, they are given priority for the next tournament. All efforts will be made to minimize draw outs.

For regular scheduled tournaments, your individual fish weight counts. The fish is weighed on a club provided hand scale at the time of catch and verified by the co-angler. The weight is recorded on a card with the 5 heaviest fish counting as your score. Some special events, like Opens or State Team events, may be held as live weigh and will be announced in advance.

For all tournaments, you will travel to and from with the person drawn. Travel costs are split between partners. This includes truck gas, boat gas, lodging (if required), park fees, etc. and is generally discussed prior to leaving. In addition, there is a $20 per day fee paid by the non-boater to the boater to cover boat cost, maintenance, and insurance.For 2 day tournaments, you will be paired up with a different boater on the second day but all costs will be reconciled with your travel partner.

During tournament day, the non-boater is given the opportunity to choose the water fished during one half of the day (Boater chooses which half of the day they want control). If the non-boater is operating the tow vehicle or boat at any time, and damage occurs by the non-boater, it  is the financial responsibility of the non-boater to resolve.

Entry Fee 1 Day Tournament: $40. 
A $2 service charge will be added to credit card payments

Entry Fee 2 Day Tournament: $60. 
A $3 service charge will be added to credit card payments

As part of the entry fee, the following is paid to the qualifying entrants at the
conclusion of the tournament.
     - Top finishers. Minimum top 3 with amount contingent on # of entrants.
     - Boat weight. Highest total collective weight by boat.
     - Big Bass. Highest single fish weight caught during the tournament.

The goal is to have fun and learn something while competing against fellow anglers!

For more information on regular scheduled DBM tournaments, please contact: 

JJ Branson - Tournament Director
(619) 420-8815

Colorado State Team Tournaments

BASS Nation, State Team Qualifier Tournament (STQT)

The STQT is an opportunity to represent the state of Colorado at a BASS Nation regional event. Any member of DBM, in good standing, is eligible to enter. The top 10 finishers for both boaters and non-boaters will qualify for the Colorado State team and move on for a chance to fish the Bassmaster Classic

You choose a partner to travel and pre-fish with. 
Pairings for each tournament day will be random selection among all entrants.
STQT Rules and Entry Form are posted below.

  • 2021 STQT  Pre-Fish 3/21/21   Tournament 3/22/21 - 3/23/21   Grand Lake, OK
  • 2022 STQT  Pre-Fish 3/24/21   Tournament 3/25/21 - 3/26/21   Hudson Lake, OK
Contact for more information:
Mark Warren
(303) 435-0174

Colorado Bass Federation State Team Tournament (TBF)

TBF is an affiliated organization with DBM that hosts local bass tournament and national events.
An annual membership with TBF is required to fish in these events. Entrants fish as a team until reaching the semi-final. Top 6 finishers from the north and south advance to the semi final. Additionally the top eligible boater and non boater determined by angler of the year points win the wild card spot and move on to the semi finals. Each state winner boater and non-boater will advance to fish nationals and a chance to win the "living the dream" package as well as a spot in the Forrest Wood Cup.

  • 2021 TBA
For more information on TBF, please contact:

Contact for more information:
Richard Crine
(714) 612-2683

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