Meeting Minutes



2021 Schedule

Including Megabucks

STQT 2021 – Grand Lake, OK Pre-Fish 3/21 Tournament 3/22 – 3/23

STQT 2022 – Hudson. OK Pre-fish 3/24 Tournament 3/25 – 3/26

Central Divisional for 2021 -Milford Lake, KS Tournament 4/21 – 4/23 ** Must Qualify **

DBM #1 – Pueblo 5/1

DBM #2 – Horsetooth 5/15

DBM #3 – Red Willow, NE Pre-Fish 6/11 Tournament 6/12 – 6/13

DBM #4 - Pueblo 8/22 **Night**

DBM #5 – Pueblo 9/11

DBM #6 – Lake Mac, NE Pre-Fish 9/24 Tournament 9/25 – 9/26

Megabucks – Lake Wilson, KS Pre-Fish 10/15 Tournament 10/16 – 10/17



4/10/20 – Pueblo Big Bucks Icebreaker

11//6/20 – Pueblo Entry fee and payouts TBD

SuperBowl Squares

$5 squares are available now. See email from DBM – Cliff to enter


Decision on the night tournament.

Majority voted to continue.

President Appointed Positions

    • Tournament Director: JJ Branson

    • Juniors: Jon Webb

    • Conservation: Richard Crine

    • Public Relations: Tom Grace

    • Colorado Bass Nation Rep: Mark Warren

There are three Board of Director seats for 2021. Taking nominees now.

Communication Methods

Will continue to communicate the following ways.

Owners are as follow…..

    • Social Media - Jeremiah

    • Email Utility - Cliff

    • Email Discrete - Cliff

    • DBM Website - Cliff / Brandon

    • DBM Meeting Minutes – Will resume publishing Jan 2021 – Cliff

    • Within a week of each DBM monthly meeting

Tournament Results

Currently tracked on Excel.

Will continue to use the Excel spreadsheet. TD will own.

Payment Methods

Need automated way to accept credit cards. Gordan will identify a provider and define a process.


Will continue with current scales.

Must have a minimum of 40 working scales.

JJ has some for repair / replace.

Get a known good count from JJ .

Place an order to meet the minimum.

Tournament Payouts and Fees

The following fee and payout were discussed and approved.

Fee's collected from participants

Entry Fees

One Day Tournament - $40

Two Day Tournament - $60

Megabucks - $50

Tournament Allocations (big bass, scales, permits, marketing, etc).

10% of every entry fee will be taken by the club to cover operating expenses.

Megabucks allocation (Put into prize pool for Megabucks) $5 per entrant.

There is no allocation taken for the Megabucks event itself.

Big Bass

(Paid to the angler with the biggest fish each tournament day)

$4 per entrant - 1 day

$6 per entrant - 2 day (Total pot split between day 1 & day 2 angler)

Boat Weight

(Paid to the boat with the highest total combined weight)

$4 per entrant - 1 day

$6 per entrant - 2 day (Total pot split between day 1 & day 2 boat)


Number of boats:

1st - 2nd - 3rd - 4th - 5th - 6th payout%

Less than 14:

50 - 30 - 20


47 - 28 - 15 - 10


45 - 25 - 15 - 10 - 5

More than 25:

43 - 23 - 13 - 9 - 7 - 5

New Membership drive

Expecting another COVID year. Will rely on our website and social media to attract new members. Jeremiah will talk with CBN about updating their website

Automated Forms Move to Microsoft Forms - Done

Adopt permanently? Eliminate all paper - Done

Megabucks 2020

Discussed splitting between two regular tournaments in 2021 as a side pot.

There are 26 members that qualified for 2020 Megabucks. The total prize pool is $640.

The following option was selected:

Treat as a side payout over the first two DBM tournaments in 2021. The top 3 eligible qualifiers will be paid 50% ($160) - 30% ($96) - 20% ($64) per tournament. The highest combined total between both tournaments will be named as the 2020 Megabucks champion.


You cannot “buy in” for 2020. You must have fished 3 tournaments

There will not be an entry fee for the qualifiers


Suggested we expand best 4 finishes to all tournaments entered.

Discussed. Opted to continue with the best 4 finishes.

Expenses for 2021

Discussed buying DBM branded gaiters for all 2021 active members of DBM.

Cost NTE $500 Quoting suppliers. Approved on 12/29


Discussed having a DBM only meeting to discuss structure, signups, and fee’s.

Will be scheduled for late Feb.


New Member Introduction

Two new members introduced themselves during the meeting. Bryan Plyter and Nick Maursin.

STQT Update

Cost $225 for entry, per tournament. $20 Big Bass option available, per tournament. All fees are paid to DBM and will all be remitted at one time to CBN.

Must be current 2021 member of DBM. Sign up or renew here.

Complete the sign up form, then scan and email to Texts and pictures cannot be accepted.

Folks looking for travel partners. If you're still looking, make sure Cliff knows. Also post on DBM and CBN Facebook pages your looking.

There will be a Zoom call scheduled for those attending or interested in getting more information on 2/24 @ 7:00 pm.

At-Large BOD Election Results

Congrats to Howard Binkley, Bobby Martin, and Brandon Genova for your election.

Club Bylaws Review

Last reviewed and revised in 2015. We are going to update over the next few months. Please review the existing on the website and give any feedback to Cliff or Jeremiah.

Super Bowl Squares

One grid is sold out. Taking signups for the second.

Bomb squares have been added:

  • 60 minute massage at Moyer Wellness

  • Mystic Mountain Whiskey

  • Tackle packs

Total of 156 squares sold. Winners have been notified. Thanks to the participants and the business sponsors of the bomb squares.

Updates from Appointed BOD and Liaison's

  • Juniors Director: TBA

  • Tournament Director: JJ Branson

  • Conservation Director: Richard Crine

  • CTBF Representative: Howard Binkley

  • Community Outreach: Tom Grace


STQT update - Mark

29 DBM members going

DBM Meeting held 2/25

Boat ramp for Hudson. Possible site change Look to announcement from CBM

DBM get together to be planned Mar 20th or 21st in OK. Social distance rules apply

CBN BOD update

Brandon Genova is nominated for President. Gary Shipporeit is the incumbent Treasurer. Each Colorado club gets 3 votes from BOD members. Votes will be submitted

the week of March 8th. Jeremiah, Mark, and Bobby Martin will cast the votes

TBF Update - Howard Binkley

Schedule is set. DBM website updated with locations and dates.

Junior's Update - Curtis Welch

Starting to organize. More to follow in the next 30 days

April 10th Ice Breaker Open

Create online entry form - Cliff

Insurance verifications - Cliff

What is the prize pool – BOD to decide

- Entry fee

- Payouts

Need to start marketing ASAP - BOD

Schedule pre-meeting - JJ

Need Volunteers to run pre fish / post fish activities. Please contact Jeremiah

- Check in

- Kill switch / live well check

- Launch

- Collect tokens

- Bump and Weigh fish

- Tabulate results

Secure permit - JJ

DBM Tournament #1 May 3rd @ Pueblo

Signup will start on March 10th online only

To be in the draw, you must be signed up, and paid, by April 5th

Draw will be held at the April 7th DBM monthly meeting

Must be an active 2021 member of DBM

Automated credit card payments - Gord

Venmo is being setup. Look for instruction in March.


1) State Team recap and DBM members qualified

29 DBM members attended.

2021 Team

David Flemming

Casey Welch

Travis Sneith

Jeremiah Hofstetter

Andrew Bowman

Heath Anderson

Gary Shipporeit

Randy Moyer

2022 Team

Vershaun Tolliver

Bryan Plyter

Gabe DuBois ( winner of the tournament on the co-angler side )

Nick Maursin

Justin Apfel

Jon Pollock

Cliff Purslow

Randy Moyer

2) Fishing licenses expired on 3/31. Make sure you secure your new 2021 license

3) Boaters - If you haven't already, you need to get your proof of insurance to Cliff. Min $300K coverage

4) Juniors Update - Curtis

There will be a season. Look for more info to follow

5) Conservation Update - Richard

None at this time

6) TBF update - Howard

Signups are still being taken for Pueblo and Mac. Contact Howard for more info

7) Ice Breaker Open. Accepting entries until 4/8/21

8) Club sponsorships. If you know of anyone, please let us know.

9) Signups are being taken for DBM #2 at Horsetooth on 5/15.. Pre draw deadline is 5/4.

Draw will be held at the May monthly meeting on 5/1. Go to the website to register.

10) Tackle Pack Winner - Jon Sharpe Rod winner - Howard Wong

11) DBM#1 Pueblo 5/1 Draw - JJ


1) New Member Intro's ( if any )

Welcome back Derrick Green to DBM

2) 4/10 Open Results

- 26 boats

- Winner was Clay and Reese Randall $2500 BB was Clay as well for another $500

- Second place went to Vershaun Tolliver netting him $750.00

3) 5/1 Pueblo Results

- 21 boats

- Winner was Travis Sneith

- 5 spots had to be settled on tie breakers + Big Bass. Done by single largest fish by each angler

There was an unfortunate situation where 3 angler's were DQ'd after the event for not initialing

their cards. There was significant debate and discussion on the topic. Where the BOD decision

stands, the following actions were aligned with the club membership to prevent this issue from

repeating in the future.

  • Starting with the Horsetooth tournament, we are going to resume pre tournament meetings the first morning of each event. We had to move away from this during the Covid era but with proper social

distancing protocols, we feel we can go back ensuring everyone is clear on weighing and recording fish.

  • Starting with the Horsetooth tournament, we will resume calculating and announcing the results at the

launch ramp, after the event. Challenges and protests will be addressed at the time, prior to the final

announcement of the results. Checks will not be issued, Winnings will be sent the following week to the

anglers via the method they paid their entry ( Zelle or Venmo )

  • In the event two first time event anglers are paired together, their pairing will be switched so each is paired with a experienced club angler as a resource and mentor for their first event.

4) Sponsorship

- A&A Toppers and Leer are the sponsor of the 2021 Big Bass of the tournament. They will pay $50 in cash to the angler with the largest fish in each event. Single award for multiple day events

- A&A Toppers and Leer are the title sponsor of DBM AOY $450 store credit + $250 cash

- In discussions with Jon Sharpe at Schneider Mechanical Systems ( HVAC )

- Still looking for others.

- 100% give back to the anglers competing. Club is taking $0

5) Juniors Update - Curt Welch

Signups were held on 5/1. Approx 16 so far. First event at Cheeseman on 5/15. Contact Curt

if you can help.

6) Conservation Update - Richard Crine

Nothing at this time

7) TBF Update - Howard Binkley

Northern qualifies at Lake Mac still on for May 22nd & 23rd. Contact Howard if you want to enter.

8) Discussion regarding Alabama Rigs

- Second public debate on modifying DBM's rules to allow a single hook Alabama Rig

- Agreed a vote by the membership would be held between 5/8 to 5/12 to decide

9) Rookie of the Year explanation.

- Eligible the first year you join the club. The club year starts in Nov

- Your top 4 placing finishes for AOY

- Your name is engraved on a perpetual trophy and acknowledged at the year end banquet

10) Update on resuming live DBM meetings

Planning a live / Zoom meeting starting in June. Somewhere near I 25 / I 225 interchange

11) Signups for DBM#3 Red Willow on Jun 12th and 13th will take place starting 5/8

12) Tackle Pack Winners - Howard Binkley and Gary Shipporeit

13) Horsetooth draw - 22 boaters / 15 co anglers

Club approved solo boaters for this tournament. Solo boaters will either live well fish or find another team on the water to weigh fish.

14 ) look for email in the next few weeks to nominate locations for the 2023 STQT tournament