CTBF State Team - Update

All, I have had numerous questions come in with limited information from the TBF so far.  At least until late last week. So hopefully this will help clear up a lot of questions going forward. To fish the TBF tournaments, you need to be a TBF in good standings. To do that, let me know and I can get you on the list and you will receive an invoice to pay.

There’s a couple of options to join:

First, you can sign up with TBF through me. The fees to join CTBF are $70.00. One thing to keep in mind is we need at least 6 active members to fish the tournaments. Last year we had well over 6 for both qualifiers.

DBM CTBF Membership Form 

The next option is to join the N.B.A.A. association, you can join this for $60.00 and become a member of the NBAA and TBF. Their all the same organization. (Why the difference I have no idea). But you could fish both organizations tournaments during the year if  you wanted to. Here you need to get on their site to sign up.

As far as the tournaments go, they are on the CTBF site and the entry fee for the qualifiers will be $100, I am assuming per person but will clarify since it is a team deal.

More information at coloradotbf.com and NBAA_bass.com/membership

The qualifier dates are:

Pueblo (Southern Qualifier) April 17/18 with pre-fish open on April 15/16. 

We will launch from the North ramp at safe light until 3:00 PM. The pre- tournament meeting and draw will be on the 16th at the old K-Mart at Elizabeth and HWY 50 in Pueblo. Registration will be from 3:00 to 3:30, Rules from 3:30 to 4:00 and the draw from 4:00 to 4:30. Their serving pizza so bring your drink of choice and a chair if needed.

Entry Form and Fact Sheet

Lake McConaughey (Northern Qualifier) May 22/23 with pre-fish on May 20/21. 

They have rooms blocked of at the Quality Inn in Ogallala. They didn’t say what it was under but I would assume CTBF. The rate is $72.00 a night. Same times for the pre-tournament meeting except were in the parking lot of the Quality Inn on the 21st. 

Entry Form and Fact Sheet

Please read and understand the CTBF State Team Tournament Rules.

I wanted to get this out so everyone would have the firm dates and locations, if you are interested in fishing either of the qualifiers please let me know so I can keep a running count on where we stand regarding the needed 6 members. I have a call with the TBF on Tuesday night and if anything, different or new comes out, I will keep everyone updated.

Thanks for your patience and if you have any questions, please let me know.

Thanks Howard

(720) 375-4270


Help out a fellow angler and conservationist. 

From Brandon White:

Hello All

I wanted to give you guys an update on a co-worker of mine, but also a player in the direct conservation and stocking of what we all love to catch, largemouth bass.  Joe Marrinan is the manager of the Las Animas State Fish Hatchery in Las Animas, CO.  Joe has been the manager down there for over 10 years and has been such an integral part of supplying so many largemouth bass across our state.  Joe is not a tournament angler like the rest of us, but is just as much of a fisherman as all of us.

Two weeks ago Joe was diagnosed with brain cancer and his diagnosis is not good.  Joe's wife has set up a GoFund me for Joe to be able to cover the exorbitant travel and hospital bills that his family will have to endure.  

I know most of you do not know Joe, but I was hoping you would send this out to your clubs to see if anyone would like to help Joe out.  Indirectly Joe has helped us all in making the largemouth fishing what it is now and has always strived to make it better for all of us.  Thank you in advance for considering helping Joe and his family in their time of need. 

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