2013 STQT Announcement

Post date: Jan 31, 2013 1:54:38 AM

Source: Colorado Bass Federation Nation 1/30/2013http://coloradobassfederation.com/blog/2013-stqt-announcement/The Colorado BASS Nation plans to return to Grand Lake O’Cherokees, Grove, OK, for the 2013 STQT. The tentative dates are: June 9-13 for the five day event, pending permit approval.

The 2013 STQT at Grand Lake will be held from Sunday, June 9 through Thursday, June 13. Sunday and Monday will be our pre-fish days, and Tuesday through Thursday will be the competition. The lake will be off limits from Monday, May 13 through Saturday, June 8.

This is somewhat different than our typical Monday – Friday event. The week of June 10 had the fewest conflicts for our members, but if we used our standard weekday approach it would have bumped us up against the Ft. Carson Military Kids Fishing Day event (June 15, 2013.) I’m sure no one will disagree that we should be supporting our troops and their families whenever possible, and this is one way to help with that.

The Sunday – Thursday schedule will allow folks to use Friday as a travel day and make it back

in time to participate at Ft. Carson. We also realize that having the 9th as a pre-fish day will conflict somewhat with two local Chapter events being held that same weekend, but we’re hoping that those can be scheduled another time to allow for greater participation at the STQT.

We plan to use Martin Landing as tournament central, but that will be announced as soon as we can confirm its availability.

Also, these dates are conditional on acquiring a permit for those dates.

Thanks to all those who participated in our selection process. Hope to see you all at Grand Lake!

Dave G.

Tournament Director

Note: For any anglers looking for partners to travel and fish with at the STQT, please contact the Tournament Director or info@coloradobassfederation.com and I will forward the information to others looking to pair-up.

Jeff Jones